Gimara’s Youtube-channel is the largest interactive and free Finnish language channel

Gimara’s Youtube-channel #GimaraOy is Finland’s largest channel maintained mainly by one person as a hobby. No other Finnish language channel offers interactive Finnish language lessons based on the European Framework of Reference for Languages, categorized into four different language levels (playlists). All classes are based on the concept of practical learning, modern pedagogy and micro-learning methods (The Gimara Method). Gimara answers language questions in the chats below the videos. The Gimara Channel has been created alongside and in collaboration with its users, interacting and learning from comments and developing activities gradually. Creating and maintaining a channel is and always has been a tough job. This requires at least one business day each week and if more videos are made, many days need to be dedicated to maintaining the channel. However, maintaining a YouTube channel is fun and exciting, we want to continue this journey with you! New development ideas are always welcome!

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Gimara is a company, but it provides free lessons for individuals on YouTube. It is also possible to buy perks (Talk, Conversation, Special) from Gimara, allowing you to attend classes to speak for yourself. Sometimes Gimara will invite you for an interview – the interviews are free lessons that are shared on the channel.

The channel was launched in 2015 and was initially a teaching support channel. It slowly became popular and we started making videos more systematically. Now we try to publish at least one to two videos per week, sometimes more. So, some of the videos are real-time lessons that anyone can join OR!

Gimara believes in equality and that everyone should have access to quality learning. Even if you are at home or travelling, you have the opportunity to learn Finnish. Within Gimara, Marja, Ksenia and sometimes Raisa teach most of the lessons and occasionally other teachers also participate. Raisa was the previously owner and founder of Gimara. We are continually working together, which is why you will see Raisa on our channel sometimes. If you are wondering why the Gimara channel also has Arffman ads, it is because the Gimara Language Gym Model has been sold to Arffman, which is Raisa’s current place of work. It became Suomi-Hubi, and of course, Gimara would like to support its growth.

All Gimara teachers are experienced immigrant educators, for example, Marja has taught Finnish for more than 25 years. The method is Gimara’s own and boasts excellent results. Sometimes we are expected to take grammar lessons, but we don’t believe in grammar-based learning. Gimara’s lessons start with language used in everyday situations in which the structures of the language are practiced. The structures that emerge from these situations are discussed together and are analyzed further at a higher level (Advanced).

The idea is that the Finnish language is fun, easy and can be used immediately in the lesson; the words that are learned can be used in specific situations, such as “I can talk about my work experience”, “I can do business in a mobile phone shop”, “I can complain about poor quality food or bad service in a restaurant”, “I can have a conversation relating to car repairs” or “I can tell the doctor how I am feeling”. There are four lessons at different levels: Beginner 1 and 2, Intermediate and Advanced. Choose the class or playlist that suits you and start your lesson!

There are seven themes on the Gimara channel (playlists, this blog) and they are based on the European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The same framework is used in primary schools and integration education, and yki tests are assessed in accordance with the same framework, i.e., in Gimara, you can learn themes in a spiral format – you can start a particular theme at a comfortable level and increase your knowledge of this theme gradually. Recently, more Advanced-level lessons and videos have been requested from Gimara. They are coming soon!

Gimara works with all language schools – feel free to stay in touch. We conduct interviews and share information. We don’t compete with other language schools; in our view language is significant and there’s room for everyone here! However, please do not copy our videos without our permission. Sharing is free, and we encourage this!

The goal of the channel is to further the common good by increasing opportunities to learn the Finnish language anywhere, anytime. We welcome feedback and try to make the best possible videos – however, this is our hobby and our main job is elsewhere – so we do our best!

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