Skills that are needed the most are taught the least?

Lately I’ve been yearning to know what are the future skills needed or more so, what does it actually mean that a person can be described as skillful or professional? I dare to say that it has quite little to do with the degree accomplished. Still whenever writing your CV or job application these are exactly the ones that you write down first. A degree gives us a good basis but it is up to us how we use that basis to construct our professionalism, some of us turn up to do something totally different that they got the education in the first place. Although being rather provocative, a good read is….

Then what is it? What makes a good employee? What makes a good teacher? What makes a good professional? Is the concept of learnability underestimated or is it just too hard to evaluate? As most of our skills needed in working life are transferable. If you don’t believe me, just take a task of brainstorming with your colleagues the most valuable skills you have, the hardcore of your professionalism and see the results you end up with. I dare to say that I random person on the street would know based on those skills your profession.