Raisa Haikala, Doctor of Science candidate (Economics and Business Administration)

Raisa Haikala is one of the founders of Gimara Oy. Besides Gimara, she worked for a Finnish company as a service director for the employability and integration services and international recruitments. One of the main products she started and managed, Suomi-hubi, was born and developed by Gimara as Language Gym. She has more than 15 years of experience as a Finnish language teacher and she has always questioned the mainstream methods in language learning. More than 8 years in a second language setting (Chinese, English and Swedish) have had a deep impact on her ideas of what skills people need to acquire in order to reach a successful inclusion to the society and how these skills should be taught. Currently Raisa is working on her dissertation in Oulu Business School.
foto Raisa Haikala


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