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About us

Gimara is a solution provider that makes digital employment solutions for working life. We conduct research on digital employment services and developed in-depth expertise in digital educational models and service, immigrant training to working life and Finnish for special purposes in companies.

Gimara Ltd and ICT and Engineering Professionals

Gimara Ltd is committed to finding and training experienced and skilled ICT and Engineering Professionals and connecting them to the Finnish job market. ICT and Engineering Professionals include IT engineers, coders, designers, cloud computing experts, electrical engineers, mining engineers, mechanical engineers, industrial management experts, IT security experts etc.


Gimara has taken this initiative because;

  • A massive shortage of all types of workers in Finland
  • The Finnish Economic Research Institute Etla recently calculated that Finland needs to acheive an annual net migration of 44,000 people over the next decade to plug the ever-widening dependency gap
  • Gimara has a long history of training immigrants as an educational company
  • Gimara has developed its own teaching methods, materials and effective system to reach the required language levels and soft skills required in the Finnish job market
  • Altogether Gimara has trained 3000 skilled and highly skilled immigrants
  • Gimara has the best available and aligned team to achieve the promised goal


  • Browsing skilled ICT and Engineering Professionals in their country of origin
  • Explaining Gimara Ltd services to target professionals
  • Self-motivated and interested professionals recruited to paid Finnish language training and courses
  • Language training lasts until workers can achieve A1-2 to B1-2 levels of the Finnish language (Approximately 6 – 9 months with the Gimara method with active participation)
  • Connecting the Finnish language graduate professionals from Gimara language courses to potential employers in Finland
  • If the employers require no Finnish language training and are ready to hire English speaker professionals, evaluate the English language skills and connect professionals to employers in Finland.
  • Helping them in the preparation of documents
  • Once recruited in Finland, helping them with relocation services
  • On-job help in the Finnish language, if needed
  • Available classes for Finnish language everyday life in Finland


Gimara has three types of target groups:

Group 1: Self Motivated and self-financed customers
Established ICT and Engineering Professionals in home countries who have jobs or financial resources but they are looking for a better opportunity for themselves and their families. These self-motivated individuals want to migrate to Finland permanently. They take the personal initiative to learn the required Finnish language and soft skills and look to work as ICT and Engineering Professionals in Finland. These classes are ongoing throughout the year, and individual clients can contact Gimara Ltd and buy the training.

Group 2: Customers come via third-party recruiting companies
These are ICT and Engineering Professionals recruited in the country of origin by a third party or talent acquisition companies or consultants. This recruitment happened based on available jobs in hand by the recruitment company. The recruitment company direct the group of recruited future employees to Gimara Ltd for language training online. These classes depend on third-party recruiter companies’ orders and are only organised when a new order is received.

Group 3: Customers come via direct recruiter
Finnish companies directly recruit groups of ICT and Engineering Professionals and buy the language training service from Gimara Ltd. These classes depend on direct recruiter companies’ orders and are only organised when a new order is received.


The following are the target countries:
Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, UAE, Vietnam, and Thailand.

Quick Process Flow for ICT and Engineering Professionals


Every group and individual has different requirements and targets to achieve. So the pricing is based on the type and duration of service, the professionals and companies want to buy from Gimara Ltd. To get the best pricing, please email us your requirements and targets.
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