Promoting / Adapting Internationalization in organizations Commercialization of Internationalization

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Promoting / Adapting Internationalization in Organizations 

Commercialization of Internationalization

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Is your organization facing difficulties adapting to internationalization? Are your staff or team members unable to adjust to the international way of working? Are you unable to understand local customers? With the expansion, are your various departments or franchises losing the uniformity of organization values? Is the integration of new employees or partners getting more complex every day? Despite all your efforts, is your organization unable to provide an international environment for workers and customers. 

Expected Outcomes

Understanding the internationalization in your respective industry. Getting a grasp of related soft skills. Understanding the challenges and developing solutions. Following the concept of “train the trainer” to get the trickle-down effect. Scenario-based learning and development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). 

NB Expected outcomes are directly related to the level of the product purchased. 

Product Levels

Basic Level Workshop 🡪 Two hours interactive online or onsite workshop

Intermediate Level Workshop 🡪 Half-day interactive online or onsite workshop

Advanced Level Workshop 🡪 Full-day interactive online or onsite workshop

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