Journey of Skills Enhancement

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Journey of Skills Enhancement 

Product Description

Setting off on the journey to a new destination (enhanced competence and new skills). Getting ready and navigating the maps for the new destination. Dividing the journey into many steps. Benefiting from each step and documenting it, looking for the light at the end of the tunnel, overcoming the hurdles on your way to your destination, waving the flag of success after achieving your goal. 

Expected Outcomes

Evaluating the importance of and need for competence and skills, strengthening the existing competencies, identifying the need for new skills, finding suitable skills based on personal goals, further studies and certifications, looking into available study options, remote learning, free and paid courses, embedding ICT and digitalization into your existing competencies and skills, using tools to review your competence, tips for possible financial help to enhance competence. 

NB Expected outcomes are directly related to the level of the product purchased. 

Product Levels

Basic Level Workshop 🡪 Two hours interactive online or onsite workshop

Intermediate Level Workshop 🡪 Half-day interactive online or onsite workshop

Advanced Level Workshop 🡪 Full-day interactive online or onsite workshop

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Basic Level, Intermediate Level, Advanced Level