Entrepreventure: Adventures of Entrepreneurship

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Entrepreventure: Adventures of Entrepreneurship 

Product Description

Exploring the adventure of entrepreneurship. Where and how to kick-start the adventure. What should be in your backpack before setting off on the adventure? Where to speed up and where to slowdown in the adventurous journey of entrepreneurship. How to avoid an injury and how to recover from one. Where to get SOS from start to finish. 

Expected Outcomes

Grasping the concept of entrepreneurship, development of critical thinking, idea generation, transforming the idea into the product, learning about do’s and don’ts, types of companies and finding suitable ones, bureaucracy of a new business, the need for certification, the use of business-model tools, interactive tools for brainstorming and polishing ideas. 

NB Expected outcomes are directly related to the level of the product purchased. 

Product Levels

Basic Level Workshop 🡪 Two hours interactive online or onsite workshop

Intermediate Level Workshop 🡪 Half-day interactive online or onsite workshop

Advanced Level Workshop 🡪 Full-day interactive online or onsite workshop

Scaffolding entrepreneurship 🡪 Two ECTS guiding and providing feedback for self-studies (self-studies and guiding, altogether 10 ECTS) 

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Basic Level, Intermediate Level, Advanced Level